04 October 2012

Had to take the scooter again

The other day I was headed to work. Just like before, I got to the entrance of my neighborhood and the ninja died. I fiddled with it and made sure I wasn't out of gas. It seemed to me that it was flooding badly. There was a little puddle of gas on the ground! So again I pushed the ninja home and took the scooter to work.
After work I pulled the carbs off (easier thanks to the battery box mod!) and found a little bit of black rubber was holding one of the bowl float valves open! Funny story how that got in there actually! I decided I would put an inline fuel filter on the ninja, as it has no fuel filter now (might be a strainer on the pickup in the tank?). Anyway, sounded like a good idea. So I cut the fuel line and installed a little filter. I think a little bit of the cut fuel line fell into the hose after the filter! So if I hadn't installed the filter to block junk, everything would have been fine!