10 September 2012

Muffler silencer

Not quite being happy with a louder than stock exhaust I put together my own silencer. I happen to have a 6"x1.75" bit of brass drain down pipe I bought on sale. After cutting a close fit hole in a plate of aluminum I drilled some 30 1/4" holes in the pipe and smashed the end closed. I had calculated that with the number and size of holes I drilled it has the same surface area as the pipe itself, so it wont restrict flow much. I matched up the mounting holes in the aluminum so it can be sandwiched between the header and the muffler. To finish it off I crimped the aluminum around the brass tube.
It works quite well! Not as quiet as a stock muffler, but not loud enough to be annoying. I am unsure how well the aluminum and brass will stand up to the exhaust gases. Time will tell!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet wish you had more pics