18 October 2011

going HID

I decided that I want some good lights to drive with this winter. I know I'll be riding in the dark, and the stock lights were poor. The LED headlights I added later looked great in the day but didn't light up the road well at night. So I decided I want projector High Intensity Discharge lights. Someone on Scootdawg posted a link to an Asian place that makes combo projector lens and HID bulb plus balast and wiring harness. I've read that just sticking an HID into a reflector not designed for it gives a poor light pattern. Besides, the projectors look cool and are priced right.
  After making my scooter all DC, I got the one HID I ordered installed. Putting the projector in was very easy. The hard part was figuring out where to put the harness and ballast. I looked at several locations, but found a good spot that would work when I add the second light. Some double sided tape and several zip-ties later I had it all mounted and wired in. I had planned ahead and many months ago when I had all the plastic off I added a pair of heavy wires directly from the battery to the front area, with its own fuse. I just had to hook the ballast into those wires, then cut and splice the existing headlight switch into their control harness.

 The control harness has a relay or two inside it. This means the headlight switch is not switching high current, just enough to throw the relay. Very convenient! I'm not going to worry about going back from my modification. I decided long ago that when I mod a vehicle it's way too much work and worry to try to keep it reversible. Why would I reverse it anyway, when I sell it? Who wants to buy a modified-then-unmodified vehicle? I tend to keep things till they fall apart and die. So just cut and splice, make it look nice.
I have not yet installed a switch for the green angle eye. I think I'll add a little switch that is enabled when the key is "ON". The switch will turn on the angel eyes and eventually the ground effect lighting. Headlight is always on when engine is running, high beam on/off via the stock switch. Effects optional with the key.

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