24 August 2011

Got a new muffler

the old muffler was just getting bad. After my hack job to the stock exhaust it was just falling apart. I was afraid I would hurt the engine with it. So I bought a new muffler from ebay aka Midwest Motorsports. I got their performance exhaust. It's a Chinese glass pack and is similar to but not identical to the picture on ebay and on their webiste. Oh well, close enough!

First off I had to cut off the mounting tabs that were on the header. They didnt fit with my bolt patterns. The next step was to bend the header to fit my scooter better. After trying with all my might to bend it in my little 4" vice, I resorted to the age old method of a large hammer. Actually I used a rubber mallet and wood block. That bent it a little bit but it's thick and stronger than I am. In the end I heated the inside of the joint to cherry red with a propane torch and bent it. NOW it will fit and not hit other parts!
Then I had to make a bracket to support the muffler. To make it as simple as possible I took the mounting tube from the old muffler and a bit from the bracket cut off the new header and made a nifty support. A little paint and it's good to go.

The sound is no longer like a wet fart. The tone went much lower, especially at idle/low RPMs. I think it's a little louder than before. I was kinda hoping for the muffler with the optional plug but that's not what they sent. I havent changed the main jet yet since it was already bumped up from a 108 to a 110. I'll probably up the idle jet as starting is a little troublesome. Overall I'm happy so far, I might still try to make it a touch quieter with some kind of restriction.