29 May 2011

Secret garage remote

 It recently came up in the Scootdawg forum about adding a garage door remote to your scooter. I've finally taken some pics and here is my mod.

I considered many locations for the remote such as the dashboard, knee shield, or under the fuel door. My scooter has this particular little access panel under the seat. I dont know why it's there it's not terribly useful for anything.

It seemed like the perfect place. I ended up deciding to use bolts to secure the remote. This way it wont break off or whatever later. A bit of aluminum scrap made the retaining bracket and a pair of used bolts hold it tight. To transfer the button to the outside I cut a flap, somewhat visible in the top photo. I had to add a tiny bit to the inside of the flap to get in far enough to press the remote button.

Other than the screws it's not really noticeable. I was worried that being so low and close to the engine would drown out the signal. It has a farther range than my wife's car. I can locate the button by feel by feeling for the bolt heads. After 7 months of use, it's an awesome mod!

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