29 May 2011

New headlights

Back when I was playing with the electrical system trying to go DC, I ended up blowing out both low beams. I have been riding with high beam on since then. No biggie since even the high beam sucked. I found an ebay deal to get two LED H4 bulbs for $10 shipped. I could not pass up that kind of deal! Within a couple weeks I had my parts.

Stock high beam pattern
 I had to cut off the stock adapters which made a bayonet type bulb fit into an H4 socket. I didnt have the right kind of connector for the H4, so I ended up using bolts and eye connections to get the wires attached.

LED low beam pattern
I think I also burned out either the low or high setting on the LED bulbs trying to figure out where the ground goes. They only turn on in the low position. I did nothing to modify the electrical system. The LEDs are running on the AC voltage provided. I think they may get a bit brighter if I put in a full bridge rectifier. Not sure, but they may have some circuitry to maintain constant power inside them. They don't change intensity with varying RPM like the bulbs would.

I'm mostly impressed with the color change from yellow to white. I think there is more light output from the LEDs, but not as well controlled as the stock bulbs. So far I'm pleased with the change, though I haven't ridden it much yet.

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