10 March 2011

not such a hot idea after all

well, I intended to make a post about converting my running lights to DC. I took pictures and everything! anyway, I did it. But turns out it doesnt work like that:

So, a few posts ago I said I made a change to the wiring to make the running lights operate on DC. Well, yesterday I notice I couldnt get the scooter to turn over, not enough battery oomph. Turns out the charging system couldnt keep up with the lights on DC. Somehow I need to change the wring with the regulator/rectifier to get more power through to DC. For now I reverted it back to factory configuration. It still has all my mods, but I just jumpered a couple wires to put AC back to the lights. In my experimenting last night I forgot to re-attach the regulator before I started the engine and blew out one of my headlights. OOPS!

I'll figure it out eventually! I like a challenge.

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