28 March 2011

Free-flow air filter

 I finally got the extra upgrade items for my scooter. Instead of throwing them all on at once, I decided to do one at a time and note performance changes. So first order is to change out the air box for this foam filter. I got the extra pre-filter because I ride in all weather and I'm worried about junk getting through. When I got the filter I was surprised at how thick the foam is! Inside is a spring to help hold it's shape. They advertised it as fitting even with the support frame, but it was a wiggle snug fit into mine. I got the 42mm because they said it was for the 150cc, but it was kinda loose and I wonder if the 38mm would have fit better. Either way it's on there now!

 I love the cleaner look of the left side without the air box there. That was one of my largest goals with the change out. with the new filter, engine noise is louder at more than 30% throttle. But with my exhaust opened up it's not terribly noticeable. Now I'm trying to re-adjust the carburetor to match the new air flow. I upped the main jet to a 115 from a 105. I think the 115 should be enough as I'm working it away from too rich at the moment.
This pic shows where the old air box was, and how much space it took up . Just over the wheel you can see the new filter. I have a little concern about water with this new filter. I noticed after getting home in a rain storm that there was a little moisture on the end of the filter. I may have to move it up higher or build a little wall to help shield it from spray.

Next mod will be either variator weights or driven pulley spring. I have the parts, just waiting to get the carb tuned in and a nice day to run tests.

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