13 March 2011

Confusing electrical system

I'm still trying to figure out how to convert to a full DC system. I dug into my scooter the other day to see what I could see. My stator has one of it's 3 wires grounded to the frame. The white wire puts out about 24VAC, the yellow wire puts out about 26VAC. Measuring between yellow and white I get 2VAC. I made the guess that they are not wired as pictured in many diagrams as series coils grounded at one end. I'm thinking they are two series coils 90 degrees out of phase with the center tap grounded. I'd need to hook up my scope to really get it figured out though.

It also seems my regulator does not have the internal circuits which are often posted on the net. When I measure diode and resistance, I don't get the expected results. However I know it is regulating both white and yellow voltages, so it's not broken.

I tried bypassing the internal rectifier and used my own bridge on the white wire and ground, plugged that right into the battery with the regulator for voltage control. That let the battery maintain current into it! However as soon as I put the running lights on the DC side the battery was losing current (amp meter on the battery). So I switched and had the yellow wire on the rectifier instead of the white. Exact same result. So I thought that both of them together should provide enough power to run everything. They have enough to run it as AC and DC, they should be able to do it. Despite several attempts at various rectifier configurations I could not get any more power from both than I could from just one.

I've given up for now. I dont really want to spend the money (like $60) to upgrade to an 11 pole stator. I could rewind this one into a 3 phase, then I'd just need a 7 wire rectifier/regulator. But again that's going to cost $$. If I could just figure out my stator configuration I should be able to come up with a rectifier for it and use the stock regulator to keep the battery level.

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