01 January 2011

Bunk bed is done!

Finished the bunk bed today! We were thinking of painting it white, or even just a white wash. But after a test paint we decided to leave it raw wood. Sophia was so very excited to get it in her room, but was pretty worried when we started moving her stuff out to make room. We got it rebuilt in her room, despite Sophias disdain for the drill. She's now so very excited to sleep in the top bunk! It didnt take her too long to figure out how to climb up and down. I guess it just takes a little motivation huh? Jen even laid down up there and was jealous because she always wanted a bunk bed as a kid. More pics in the album.
 My poor hands are all beat up now. Blisters, cuts, and bruises. But it's a nice bed! We put her kitchen set and toy box under the bed since we dont have another mattress there yet. Not bad for $120 and 6 days of work I guess.