29 December 2010

Sophia wants a motorcycle

just because she's so cute

A bunk bed

I'm making progress on the bunk bed. It's beating me up too. I'm sore all over. Here are some pics, there are more here.
This first one is a rough layout after I cut everything to  length.
 The head/foot boards are held together by glue and dowel pins.
 I made the headboards slightly fancy and hand planed them smooth and flat. I hand planed all the rounded edges on the bed. I could borrow a router from someone and make it easy, but I like doing it the hard way.
 laying out and aligning the boards. I made an alignment jig.
 headboard glued up and strapped tightly together!

23 December 2010

one display case

Here it is, almost finished. I need to add a clear dust door. Otherwise it is done! It's not very fancy, but looks decent. Jen ordered a second one slightly taller.

21 December 2010

A little change

Well, I finally decided what do do with this now that the EV is gone. I'll just post bit of whatever I do! Of course anything with my electric lawn tractor will be on that blog.
Lately I've not been actively doing much. I got a Blade mCX from a friend because it was "broken". I "fixed" it (ok, I put it together correctly) and have been flying it at least twice a day! My kids love it, and I even let my 3 year old fly it a little bit. I finally got the glass shelves for the display cases I'm building. I'll get a photo someday. Jen is super happy to have a display case for her figurines. I'm looking into building a bunk bed for Sophia (and Lilly when she gets old enough). She's outgrowing her toddler bed quickly. I'm most likely going to build this. Though we want the ladder at the foot of the bed and rails all the way around the top. I think I can build it for about $70 in wood.