29 July 2010

It's dead, Jim

My EV is out of commission. Yesterday when I plugged it in to charge the breaker tripped. After playing around with it, I've decided the charger has quit. I guess it's about time as it's over 10 years old! So, now I have to decide which is a better value to me: get a new charger for $700 or put $700 toward an ICE vehicle.
My EV is going down hill anyway. Batteries wont be useful this winter. The rear suspension is shot, the motor coupler will wear through literally any time. I've rather enjoyed driving electric, but at this time it will take a bunch of money to keep it going or replace it. Money that I could put into something with significantly more range and reliability.
It may be the end of the road for me and EVs until I can afford to convert another one!

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