16 February 2010

Battery suckage

This actually started several months ago. My batteries are getting very bad. I can't charge them correctly anymore. I cannot get the 96V pack above 113V (should get to 115-120V to charge correctly). I've done a little poking around and I believe it's simply my entire pack, not just one or two bad batteries. My range is suffering a bit as well, getting about 13 miles before becoming dangerously sluggish. Granted the temperature has an effect on my range currently.

I've been simply letting the charger run at 10 battery amps and 113V until all the Wh have been restored (plus some), or approximately the same amount of time it used to take to charge it. The pack is only a year and a half old. I wanted to get 4 years out of it. Severe disappointment? yeah. I'm not prepared to buy another battery pack, and may abandon my EV when this pack becomes useless. For the cost of a cheap pack I can get an efficient ICE that will last longer.

I'd love to get a lithium pack, but at $7k, it's more up-front cost than the lead pack. Though in the long run it's cheaper as it should last longer and would give me a 70-100 mile range (verses my current 13-20 mile range).