24 March 2009

Almost "done"

I changed out the control boxes to the final versions that I wanted. This involved welding a new bracket for the HV box to sit on. I did the welding with my tractor.

I changed it to use a battery instead of running the DC-DC converter all the time. I think my battery is just barely large enough at 4.5Ah. I get this size for free, so the price was right! The DC-Dc converter comes on when the key is in the RUN position, and is set to about 14V. I'll be adding an inrush current limiter on the DC-DC HV leads (CL-30). I still need to add it's HV fuse, probably a LV fuse as well.

The new relay computer. the safety features I wanted are finally here. All I have left is some battery retaining, some insulating, a front and underside air dam, and a little wire tidying and I'll be pretty happy with my car, until I do another one!