23 October 2009

my clutch blew up

it finally happened, my off balance clutch fell apart. I pulled apart my car in about an hour (yes, motor sitting on the floor!). The clutch rattled when I spun it like a box of watch parts. The little shock bushings on the clutch disk all fell out. I've been thinking I want to go clutchless for a while, so this gave me the chance. I picked up $5 worth of steel (I previously designed a new coupler).

I turned a tube to accept the splined tube taken off the old clutch disk, then using my nifty lawn tractor I welded my new coupler together.

It runs much better now! There seems to be a small vibration still, but hardly noticeable. I should have done this long ago. I can drive up to about 40MPH in 2nd gear at 4.5kRPM, so that one gear fits my whole commute. If I need more torque I can go up to 3rd (some of the hills kinda need it if I dont get a good running start).

22 July 2009

Another Green Expo

Well, another Green Expo done. It was over 100F on Saturday, which killed much of my energy. Not a lot of interest, not like last year when gas was ~$4/gallon. I did get to meet up with some EV friends and made a couple new ones. I forgot to take my camera so I sadly didn't get any photos! The lawn tractor was popular, getting lots of "wow, I didn't know you could do that" types of comments.

Mark has done an amazing job restoring and electrifying a bug-eyed Sprite. Absolutely beautiful car.

I met another guy (sorry, forgot his name already!) who is into motorcycles, and did a great job on a Ninja. He's a mechanical engineer, and has a few other motorcycle projects in the works.

There was some talk about starting a Boise chapter of the EAA, but the same reluctance to hold meetings exists.

To get downtown and back is 20 miles exactly. I had a fresh charge the morning before I left. I took side streets to get down there, being a bit worried about the distance (no charging available). when it was time to come home I decided I had enough juice to take the freeway. I was impressed! I took the freeway at 55-60MPH in 4th gear, pushing 150-200 motor amps. The hills presented some slowing, but I was able to keep up for the most part. When I pulled into my garage the odometer was just clicking to 20.0 miles, and the e-meter read something like 4.75 kWh (~240Wh/mile) for the whole trip. I'd guess I was down in the 60-70% DOD range.

24 March 2009

Almost "done"

I changed out the control boxes to the final versions that I wanted. This involved welding a new bracket for the HV box to sit on. I did the welding with my tractor.

I changed it to use a battery instead of running the DC-DC converter all the time. I think my battery is just barely large enough at 4.5Ah. I get this size for free, so the price was right! The DC-Dc converter comes on when the key is in the RUN position, and is set to about 14V. I'll be adding an inrush current limiter on the DC-DC HV leads (CL-30). I still need to add it's HV fuse, probably a LV fuse as well.

The new relay computer. the safety features I wanted are finally here. All I have left is some battery retaining, some insulating, a front and underside air dam, and a little wire tidying and I'll be pretty happy with my car, until I do another one!