11 November 2008

How to save $30

Ah-ha!! I figured out how to adjust the output voltage on my DC-DC converter. It was at 12.5V, now it rests at 13.8! Under load the voltage drops some. I need to get some photos of the adjustment pot. Easy to do! It saved me $30. I could have bought the very same converter factory adjusted to 13.9 for $30 more than the 12V one.

I've also hooked up the heater relay so I can keep warm. I hooked it into the fan so it will only turn on if the fan is on. It's not super great (lets see.. it pulls about 15A at 96V. Thats 1440 watts of heat. So far it keeps the windshield clear and keeps the cabin comfortable. We'll see how it does when it drops below freezing for a week! I may need to add supplemental heaters (hair dryers).

I'm still driving every day. It rained a bunch today and without anything blocking my grill a little water splashed in on my motor compartment. I still need to get things more permanently mounted. I have the new control boxes built up and ready to install, just as soon as I figure out where to put them and some time to install them.