14 May 2008

Under the hood

I took a couple days perusing the drawings and documentation that came with the car. Then when I tried to trace out all the wires it didn't match up entirely. So I decided to reverse engineer it and make a drawing based on what was in there. Most of it was the same, but some things were of course changed and some added.

It looked pretty good. It was setup so that if the A/C was on it would run the motor at a low speed when you took your foot off the throttle. But it wouldnt "start". So we poked around and figured out what to do to make the system turn on the controller and contactor. Eventually we decided to simplify it. We didn't care much about A/C, so we re-wired the whole control board to just run the car.
Our efforts ended up looking more ratty than it started out, but now it would power up and spin the motor! The excitement to make the car move was climbing fast. Some of the instructors in the high-bay had come out to watch when they heard us celebrating our first spin-up. Whats next? Take it for a drive of course!

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