14 May 2008

Spring - existing parts

Over the winter of 07-08 I tinkered with the car a few weekends when I had time and could brave my cold garage. Because money was tight I didn't plan on getting new batteries until mid-summer of 2008. In the mean time I decided to redo or at least inspect and clean all the parts. Here is what I found:

The contactor and shunts (two of them) were under the relay/fuse/rat-nest board. One shunt is for the e-meter and the other goes to the analog ammeter. On the right is the A/C pump (and vacuum pump and controller).

The controller, Curtis pot-box, heater contactor, fuse blocks, power steering contactor, and DC-DC converter are visible in the left picture. The right picture shows the Todd 30 amp converter which takes the 144V pack voltage and makes 12-13 volts to charge/run the 12V system.

The power steering pump was driven by a seperate 120VDC permanent magnet motor that would come on in 1st gear and reverse, if it was enabled by a switch on the dash board. The vacuum pump is inside the aluminum box on the right.

The fuse is in the back battery box, and under the car between the rear quarter panel and the battery box is the boost transformer for the charger. Also notice the air shocks on the rear. They are adjustable by a valve by the charge hole.

The charger is tucked into the side of the trunk space, and where the gas filler was is now a plug.

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