14 May 2008

Some history

To give some history to the car
It was converted by EcoElectric in Nevada in 1994 at the request of a private individual. The original documents indicate it had a Curtis 1221B controller, a different charger, and possibly sealed batteries. The owner lived in both Nevada and Idaho. At some point the controller, batteries, and charger were changed out.

The way it was when I got to it:
In September of 2004 I noticed the car in the school high-bay. After asking around I learned that it was donated to the school a few years prior. It was used by one group who tried to make a generator trailer for it, but were not successful and did some damage to the systems. I went and talked to the mechanical engineering chair about working on it with a ME friend of mine (I was in school for EE). He gave us full access and a small spending account!

This is what we started with:

Yes, there are parking tickets on the window. The ME chair took care of those. So we got started checking it out and looking through the good documentation that was kept (except for the prior students).

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