15 May 2008

Parts removed - the clutch and motor

I'm mostly done with my last semester of school. As the weather warms up I get an itch to tinker in the garage. Hey, lucky me there is an electric car in there that needs some work! My first order of business is to remove everything in the engine bay.

The clutch throwout bearing is going bad and makes a noise when the clutch is pressed. Plus I want to see how the adapter is put together. So using a pulley and my brothers help I remove the motor and adapter from the transmission.

The clutch plate is OK. It should be replaced since I have it out. But it's obvious that the clutch has seen more torque than it was intended for. My mechanic (father-in-law, he really was a mechanic!) says I should replace the whole thing with a better one. My wallet says nothing doing. I contemplate removing the clutch entirely for a long time.

In the end I just put it all back together and decide to not use the clutch if I can help it.

I spun up the motor a little on my workbench to check it out. Something is off balance a little bit because it vibrates some. My guess is the adapter extension shaft is the problem. But despite my best efforts and damage I could not remove the adapter plate or extension shaft. The original converters used this funny adapter for a good reason. The motor can't mount directly to the transmission because the front differential is in the way!

I don't know what to do about the vibration, so I'll ignore it for now.

I took photos of the commutator and brushes and asked the knowledgeable people on the EVDL about their condition. The response was they look fine so I put them back. To replace all 8 brushes every 100,000 miles might cost about $60.

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