15 May 2008

parts removed - before the motor

Of course I forgot to mention that before the motor could be removed, I had to remove everything else! The original converters built a "bridge" that holds everything else (controller, fuse/relay board, contactor, shunt, vacuum pump, etc). It attaches at 3 points: the left and right shock mounts and a bolt into the firewall. After undoing these 3 bolts, and disconnecting all the wires going to the unit (lots of em!) all I had to do was lift it out. It's kinda handy to remove all the EV parts in one unit. Then again, it's a pain to disconnect everything too!

While this method is convenient, I don't like it. The contactor and shunt with high voltage are in the open collecting dirt. To get to the under layer with the contactor and shunt means removing the fuse/relay board, which is almost impossible without disconnecting all the wires.

My choice: reorganize all this stuff and make the motor bay less cluttered. Break the components into units and connect them with loomed wires and twist-lock connectors. Use waterproof enclosures for each unit to protect from water, dirt, and fingers.

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