15 May 2008

Modification - power steering

Originally the converters added a second motor just to drive the power steering pump. They used a nice 120V 3/4 horse power permanent magnet motor weighing about 25 lbs. There was a lighted switch on the dashboard that would enable the pump and switches setup so that it could turn on in first gear or reverse. The only function for this setup was to make it easier to turn the wheels when moving very slow or not at all. To me it was a waste to carry that much extra weight and use up that much space just to be able to turn the wheels with my little finger when the car is not moving. The balance of the car has been changed enough that the front end is lighter than it was stock (I think). Even with the PS turned off it was still pretty easy to turn the wheels when stopped. When the car was moving it was no different with the PS on or off. I decided to remove it!

After pulling out the motor and pump, I had the hoses left to deal with. I consulted the wisdom of the EVDL and just to keep it simple, I looped a small hose from out to in on the valve. The wheels still turn just fine, but I haven't tested it on the road yet.

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