14 May 2008


It was sitting at a pack voltage of about 20 volts. First thing we tried was to start the charger up of course! It wouldn't do anything. Poking around we found the fuse was blown. Ordered one and when we got it (and a spare), it still wouldn't start! Our guess was the batteries were too low for the charger to startup properly so we took them all out, gave them a bath and then used a 12V charger to charge each one individually.

After a few days of charging, they were holding something of a charge. At this time we knew little about batteries and treated them like the car starting batteries we knew about and said any charge above 12V was good! We decided to repaint the battery boxes because they were corroding and causing pack to frame shorts. Just for good measure we put a vinyl liner (read used shower curtain) in the box also.

Now we were getting a good pack voltage and the main charger would turn on and buzz, which we assumed meant it was working. The voltage rose and the e-meter showed some charge current. After it charged for a while, we added watter to the batteries and turned to the rats nest under the hood.

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