12 May 2008

First post

As I'm working through updating my electric car, I think to myself that I should publish what I'm doing somehow. I take pictures of my modifications, so I should post them somewhere so that they might inspire someone else. I'll not update regularly, but when I get to it.


Garrett Hohn said...

Nice work Jon. I would love it if you posted pictures!

I'm in the planning phase right now. I've tossed the idea of different cars around and stumbled upon your sight when I thought, "Wonder if anyone has done an old school Tercel 4wd"

Suffice to say, I found you and potentially only you as I haven't seen any others.

Jon said...

Pictures are posted within the rest of the blog posts :). I don't think I've ever come across any other Tercel 4wd conversions in my 5 years involvement. I'm not sure I'd recommend it though, it's pretty ugly and there doesnt seem to be as much room in the engine bay as other cars. Also, the transfer case and differential get in the way when mounting the motor.

Garrett Hohn said...

What I meant to say was MORE pictures (you made reference in your latest post about doing some mod but weren't sure if you were going to).

Beauty is only skin deep right? Honestly i've tossed and turned and the size of a wagon coupled with 4wd is what sold me. I need in for the snow up here in MT. So now I've got to make it work!

Are you and your lead sled doing any meetup groups in the near future? I'd like for my spy, I mean brother-in-law, to take a look at your rig (He lives in Emmett, works in Boise).

I imagine your were pretty excited to pick that up for less than 100 dollars!

Jon said...

Feel free to send your spy, I'd show-n-tell for visitors