14 May 2008

First drive

Here is a little driving video returning to the high-bay. We took it around the block, didn't want to go too far as we had no experience with the batteries or the instruments. (We had removed the hood to work on it, so you see some wires sticking up from our rats-nest wire job).

What a thrill! The EV grin was stuck on our faces for the next few days!

Our timing was perfect. The school homecoming parade would occur a week later. The ME chair got us signed up to drive the car in the parade. So we cleaned it up, gave it a little wash, made some posters and ta-da! we were ready for a parade!

We were positioned in the middle of the automotive school, with a muscle car on a trailer behind us and a import street racer in front. They had their muscle car running and revved it up occasionally. Nobody had any chance of hearing our motor spin! They were stealing the attention with their noise, so I started doing little burn outs every 100 feet or so. The car has low rolling resistance tires, and didnt so much burn out but the front tires would bounce and skip a bit. It worked and I got attention! Maybe a bit too much attention because the ME chair pulled up on his Segway to ask me not to ruin the tires. Oh well, the parade was over anyway!

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